Special thanks to our ongoing funding supporters:

  • Ministry of Labour, Training & Skills Development
  • City of Toronto through their Investing in Neighbourhoods program
  • Service Canada through their Career Summer Student program

and our March 2021 General Fundraising Campaign donors:

Lesley Anderson, Candace Arland, Joe and Zachary Baradziej, Ellen Bartello, Jennifer Bellis, Benevity, Peter Boggs, Jess Bouchard, Jackie Burns, CAF (Charity Aid Foundation of Canada) Resurreccion Castillo, Jordan Cohen,  Allison Duffy, Anthony J. Durkacz, Robert Harries, Shirley Joy, William Joy, Christopher Kelly, Jean Kelly, Linda Kelly,  Ian Kinross, Amanda Lee, Nancy Macken, Mike Manion, Anthony Meehan, PayPal Giving Fund, Michael Power, Jessica Senn, Jim Senn, Krista Sieroka, Ron Slavnik, Michael Teixeira, Aisla Thomson, Richard Vollering, Cameron Walter, Margaret Wharton, Sandra Wilton, Herta Wisch

and our private donors, corporations & foundations (Apr. 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022):

  • Marcus Aterman
  • Martin Banach
  • David Carruthers
  • Cavelti Family Foundation
  • Charities Aid Foundation of Canada (CAF)
  • Timothy Elgersma
  • Robert Frater
  • Frederick and Douglas Dickson Memorial Foundation
  • Rob Halupka
  • John Hamilton
  • Joy Hodgson
  • Tanya Jemec
  • Edina Jiang
  • Sam Hoshyar
  • Brooke Kelly
  • Sandy Kelly
  • Lisa Lowe
  • Magenta Studio
  • Croft Michaelson
  • George Moody
  • Mary Moore
  • Matthew Pamenter
  • David Peters
  • Prodigy Education
  • Vicky Smith
  • Caitlin Spears/Partner Giving
  • Shawn Stackhouse
  • Diane Thiel
  • Those Classy Girls
  • Richard Ye

and our monthly donors:

  • Margaret Barry
  • William Cartar
  • Amber Chambers
  • Julia Cooke
  • Steven Craggs
  • Taryn Eadie
  • Patricia Headly
  • Matthew McArdle
  • John Meade
  • Ben Mossman
  • Leander Quiring
  • Moneira Salic
  • Rory Stavro-Pearce
  • Jonathan Tang

We thank the following individual and corporate 2021-22 In-Kind Donors who generously donated services and or gifts/prizes to EYLE: