Special thanks to our ongoing funding supporters:

  • Ministry of Labour, Training & Skills Development
  • City of Toronto through their Investing in Neighbourhoods program
  • Service Canada through their Career Summer Student program

and our March 2022 General Fundraising Campaign donors:

Candace Arland, Margaret Barry, Ellen Bartello, Jennifer Bellis, Sara Cobianchi, Fiona Campbell, William Carter, Resurreccion Castillo, Charities Aid Foundation, Richard Charney, Richard Cherer, Julia Chernushevich, Jacqueline Clark, Steven Craggs, David Finley, Rob Halupka, Robert Harries, Scott Hutchison, Shirley Joy, Sandra Kelly, Ian Kinross,  Amanda Li,  Mike Marion, Matthew McArdle, Deborah McPhadden, John Meade, Croft Michaelson, Matt Moody, Ben Mossman, David Peters, Christine Peterson, Michael Power, Tim Pychyl, Noel Ransome, Moneira Salic, Jessica Senn, Jim Senn, Ron Slavnik, Valerie Smith, Peter Southey, Rory Stavro-Pearce, Jonathan Tang, Ray Tucker, Margaret Wharton, Sandra Wilton, Herta Wisch

and our private donors, corporations & foundations (Apr. 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023):

  • Martin Archer
  • The BAP Foundation
  • Ritwik Bose
  • Melville Bradshaw
  • Conlin Dentistry
  • Robert Frater
  • Sunita Jiwrajka
  • Raghav Kharbanda
  • Brooke Kelly
  • Christopher Kelly
  • Thanus Mohanarajan
  • Allan Oh
  • Cathy Page
  • Jason Senensky
  • Caitlin Spears
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  • Rajiv Taneja
  • Diane Thiel
  • Aisla Thomson
  • Kenneth Toten
  • Rita Weigel
  • Keih Wong

and our monthly donors:

  • Margaret Barry
  • William Cartar
  • Julia Chernushevich
  • Steven Craggs
  • Ben Mossman
  • Matthew McArdle
  • John Meade
  • Moneira Salic
  • Rory Stavro-Pearce
  • Jonathan Tang

We thank the following individual and corporate 2021-22 In-Kind Donors who generously donated services and or gifts/prizes to EYLE: