At intake, we assess a client’s current literacy skills and help them set goals they can work toward while in our program.   Attaining these literacy goals supports a student’s transition from EYLE to other employment or educational opportunities and/or greater personal independence.

The type and length of tutoring, usually from 3 months to 3 years, is determined by individual goals, current skills and gaps in skills.

  1. independence – read, write and understand material to develop greater independence in everyday lives (e.g. complete testing for driver’s licence or citizenship, count change while shopping, read street signs and subway maps, do basic computer operations, email and internet).
  2. employment – prepare for work, maintain current employment, or develop skills for better employment (e.g. complete employment applications (paper and online), write a resume and cover letters, navigate the internet and do online job search, further develop reading, writing, and computer skills for work).
  3. adult high school – upgrade literacy and math skills to gain entry to adult high school and ultimately receive a high school diploma.  Learn to research and write essays.
  4. post secondary – develop writing and math skills to pass college entrance tests, do research, write essays, and learn computer skills including skills required to do online research
  5. apprenticeship – carpenters, welders, electricians and other trades need math, reading and writing skills for on the job, during the educational component of their training and for testing purposes.  Each trade has specific terms to describe their work.


Please note, we do not offer the following services:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Conversation training

“Our tutors give back to the East Toronto community by giving the gift of literacy.”